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Why Do We Have A Cage In Our Warehouse?

At Urban E Recycling we take your security very serious.  We have invested in •  Security cameras •  A degausser • HDD crusher for onsite hard drive crushing • State of the art hard drive shredder Do you think that is excessive ?  We don't.  When it comes to personal data destruction, we go to extremes for your peace of [...]

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Inspection Video Promotes Clean Water, Healthy Farms

by Tom Damm Spoiler alert!  Everyone wins. A new video is benefiting farmers and regulators alike by taking the mystery out of farm inspections. The U.S. Poultry & Egg Association collaborated with EPA employees to produce a video that demonstrates what poultry and egg farms can expect when EPA or state inspectors come a-knocking. The 14-minute [...]

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Press Release – May 18, 2018

TAMPA - The South Tampa Chamber of Commerce was proud to present scholarships to six Tampa area graduating seniors during a reception hosted at SunCoast Credit Union on May 17th. "Our scholarship program was founded 4 years ago by the Chamber's Education Committee, and each year has grown thanks to the generosity of our members. To [...]

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Soaking in Another Victory

by Tom Damm It’s a four-peat. For the fourth consecutive year, the University of Maryland, College Park has won high honors in EPA’s Campus RainWorks Challenge, a national collegiate competition to design the best ideas for capturing stormwater on campus before it can harm waterways. A UMD team took second place nationally in the Master Plan [...]

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Why It’s Important to Shred a Hard Drive

Why It’s Important to Shred a Hard Drive The hard drive’s responsibility is to store information.  Every file you have saved into your computer is located on this component.  This is where your computer remembers the settings and preferences for your programs and your operating system.  While much of the information you have stored is likely [...]

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Hope in Kentucky Farm Country

Jeremy Hinton is an eighth-generation Kentucky farmer. He and his wife Joanna own Hinton’s Orchard and Farm Market in Hodgenville, Kentucky – the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. “Our family came to LaRue County the same year that the Lincolns did, but we just stayed a lot longer,” he joked. Today, Hinton and his wife grow a [...]

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Mapping Tool Scores Sites for Watershed Protection

  by Tom Damm Ralph Spagnolo and Ellen Bryson know their way around the state capitals in EPA’s Mid-Atlantic Region.  The regional Water Protection Division employees have been on the road helping states launch an innovative online mapping tool that prioritizes sites for watershed preservation or restoration. They will be in Dover, Delaware this week to [...]

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EJSCREEN: Coming to a Phone Near You

By Tai Lung EPA’s environmental justice screening and mapping tool, EJSCREEN, consistently ranks as one of the most used tools on the agency’s website. This week, EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ) is announcing an enhancement that will make EJSCREEN even more useful. Based on requests and user When visiting EJSCREEN on a mobile device, you [...]

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Achieving Tangible Results for Vulnerable Communities

Charles Lee, Senior Policy Advisor Office of Environmental Justice, US EPA The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its Environmental Justice FY2017 Progress Report today. It is noteworthy that 2017 marked the 25th anniversary of the founding of EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice. The accomplishments highlighted in the report affirm through action how, after a quarter [...]

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Lessons in Managing Stormwater

by Tom Damm Schools planning field trips to teach students about stormwater pollution may not have to travel far.  For many, the lesson is right outside their doors. School buildings and grounds are potentially big conveyors of stormwater as rain washes over their roofs, parking lots and other hard surfaces, picking up pollutants before chugging into [...]

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